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Name:ʟσκı ʟαυғεчƨσп [au]
Birthdate:Jan 1
I am of Asgard no longer
God of Mischief and self proclaimed King of Jotunheim

AU Points:
. Discovered his heritage at a younger age, flipped a shit or fifty million and hid it
. Became curious and eventually traveled to Jotunheim seeking knowledge
. Slowly believed he was taken rather than saved and was being used as a peace pawn
. Plotted with Laufey to ruin Thor's throning
. Laufey was killed by Thor, not Loki
. Loki and Thor fought on the bridge, Loki set the Bifrost to overload and take out Asgard
. Thor destroyed the bridge, Odin caught them
. Loki said "goodbye" and let go

+ + +
Some icons lack credit due to no credit found, pls pm if credit desired
Art = WHO DID THIS? Let me know PLEASE.
Auto-Warning: Loki is an asshole, mun is not as much.

This shit for funtimes. I own it not.
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